Brain Plus IQ a Dangerous Scam? — Bad side Effects Revealed

 Review of Brain Plus IQ – Can it Really Improve IQ?

Well, although I highly doubt that Brain Plus IQ can improve your IQ altogether, I do think that it may have some benefits on your overall cerebral function. The only problem is that sometimes getting real information on a product such as this has proven to be quite difficult. The websites usually focus more on marketing than information so really understanding how it works is out of the question. I have found that there is high interest in this product, so perhaps it really could be as effective as they say.

Of course, this website does all of the typical marketing mistakes that bother me, such as lack of information in general. There is nothing that you can go by except repetitive sales pitches that I have seen over and over again in other similar websites. It feels like a full on copy paste from site to site with these brain supplements. It’s rather frustrating because it’s hard to set one product apart from the rest. Overall though, I have noticed that even though the websites are nearly identical, I have found rather contrasting feedback on the products so I don’t think the lack of creativity in website development necessarily means the product is no good.

Learn About Brain Plus IQ

Well, as I noted earlier, there is little to go by when it comes to information about the product. Well, one thing we know for sure is that it aids in better cognitive function which generally means that it will:

·         Improve Focus

·         Improve Clarity

·         Improve Cognitive Precision

This product is an effective and very strong nootropic and the ingredients have been proven by science. This is really great and I would very much like to know where I can find the studies that actually prove this so I can complete this review without further ado. Unfortunately, there are no links and no real information backing these claims. Again, more marketing less info.

What does BrainPlus IQ Consist of?

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any information on the ingredients found in this supplement. When you read in between the lines you discover that it actually does contain Phosphatidylserine Complex.

You don’t get much information on this ingredient though. Just the name thrown in there. The website basically consists of this and the numerous benefits repeated numerous times throughout the website. I decided to take my research to WebMD to see if I can find more information about this magical ingredient. To see where I got my information simply click on the name of the ingredient above and you will be taken to the WebMD page I gathered my information from.

Phosphatidylserine is a naturally produced chemical within the body. It is usually accumulated mainly from the food we regularly consume and has a number of great benefits where most of them are important for those mature in age.

Further research reveals that it is proven to be effective in improving mental decline related to age as it boosts language skills, memory, and attention. Also, it has been taken for Alzheimer’s disease as it alleviates some of the symptoms. It is also currently being researched in order to confirm its effectiveness in boosting athletic performance, reducing soreness after workouts, and reducing the symptoms of ADHD and depression, among other things.

The longest study of this ingredient is 6 months and during this time there have been no reports of serious side effects and it has been proven to be safe. If taken in doses over 300 mg it can cause stomach upset and insomnia. Unfortunately, in the official website they don’t mention the dosage in the supplement so there is no guarantee that you will not experience these side effects.

Why a Brain Supplement?

There has been a huge interest in brain supplements, and in turn, a wave of new product supply. The question is though, who needs these types of products? Actually, if you ask me, I don’t think that supplements should be taken lightly and only when absolutely necessary. These types of supplements are suitable for those at a mature age feeling the decline of mental function, not by college students looking to improve their IQ for an exam. There are many home remedies that also improve mental function as well as special diets you may want to consider before turning to a supplement.

Generally though, most people may start to experience a decline in mental function as early as 25 years of age. It is at this point that the brain starts to lag and here are some of the possible symptoms you may experience.

·         Memory Loss

·         Lack of Focus

·         Difficulty Concentrating

·         Low Energy

·         Difficulty Performing Mentally

·         Low Motivation

·         Forgetfulness

Keep in mind that these symptoms may also be due to overworking yourself, stress, and a bad diet. Before turning to a supplement, I highly recommend you first try and find a solution by reducing your everyday stress, getting more rest, and eating healthy.

How and Where to Buy BrainPlus IQ

Unlike most scams out there this is a straight purchase. You don’t get locked into an auto ship program and there are no trial dates to keep track of. The only thing I highly recommend is as you select the option you want, you do not select free shipping as a Premier Customer but just pay your shipping costs. If you do not uncheck this box you will be charged £9.95 per month once your Premier Customer trial expires. Just pay for your shipping and avoid the possible headache.

·         £39.95 1 Bottle

·         £74.85 3 Bottles – £24.95 each

·         £94.75 5 Bottles – £18.95 each

The price is actually quite reasonable especially if you like the product and order 5 bottles. I highly recommend you only order 1 the first time around and then perhaps if you like it order a bigger batch.

The Verdict?

Honestly, I don’t like that they don’t offer much information. I tried to find more information on the ingredients on 3rd party website but came up with nothing. I think that it could be an effective product and considering the low price it’s worth a try. Just make sure you don’t get caught up in the Free Shipping Membership scheme. Pay for your shipping and order BrainPlus IQ if you like, but make sure you speak with your doctor once you have the full list of ingredients.

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